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Our company originated in 1958 with the founding of Mortimer & Wallace by Richard B. Mortimer and Howard L. Wallace. The two men put together their years of experience in the rendering industry and established an export facility for animal fats and vegetable oils at Berth 174 in the Port of Los Angeles.


 In the early 60s, part of the facility was converted into an export grain elevator (right). This enterprise was called the Los Angeles Harbor Grain Terminal.  For three decades the combined operations loaded hundreds of ships with cargos of grain, alfalfa pellets, cottonseed meal, safflower seed, beef tallow, lard and cottonseed oil. With the advent of containerization in the late 60ís the company converted some operations into container loading and facilitated the shipping of various livestock feeds and agricultural products to Pacific rim countries in ocean going containers. This service became known as transloading. 

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Then in the late 80ís the need for loading ships with grain and feed in the Port of Los Angeles diminished and we needed a new facility with more rail trackage for the growing transloading business so we moved to our current location on Sepulveda where we have a two acre facility with two miles of railroad track which gives us the ability to store up to seventy-five railcars. Today we operate three facilities in the Port of Los Angeles and continue to meet the needs of American agribusiness and our countryís expanding trade with Pacific rim countries. 

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